Top 5 Things To Grill In The Summer


Summer is the ultimate season for barbecuing.  While I’m no professional by any means, my husband and I grill almost daily in our backyard and we’ve found a few favorites.  Here goes:

1. Chicken

I have to start off with the classic; chicken.  This is a staple at our house.  So much can be done with chicken to add flavor.  While there are thousands of recipes out there, my favorite is to marinate the chicken in the sauce portion of this recipe.  It’s spot on.

For tips on how to grill the perfect chicken, check out this article.

2. Sweet Potatoes

I. Love. Sweet. Potatoes.  And putting them on the grill makes them so much better.  Just like chicken, there are thousands of ways to cook them, but my favorite is to cut them in thick strips (like a French fry), brush them with olive oil, and sprinkle sea salt over top.  Really simple, but really great.

3.  Corn

No barbeque is complete with out corn.  Last summer, I learned from Pinterest that you can literally just plop the corn (in husk) on the grill.  Just flip it after 15 minutes or so, and that’s it.  When you’re ready to eat, just remove the husk and sprinkle on your favorite toppings.

If you want to really get crazy, check out these grilled corn on the cob recipes.

4.  Tin Foil Dinners

Just thinking of tin foil dinners makes my mouth water.  Here’s what I include: ground turkey, carrots, onion, sweet potatoes, and zucchini.  I toss everything in olive oil and a little seasoning salt and leave it on the grill for about 30 minutes.

5. Peaches

Peaches are so yummy, but a grilled peach is INCREDIBLE.  Not a whole lot of magic here; simply slice it in half and place it on the grill with the skin facing towards you.  Top it with some ice cream or frozen yogurt and you’ll be wishing you had more.

So there you have it.  Those are my favorites.  The Food Network has a Grilling Central portion of their site that is fully dedicated to all things barbeque.  Definitely check it out for more great ideas.  If you’re like me, you’ll get stuck on that site for hours.  Happy grilling!

Article written by Whitney Pye, Online Marketing Director at BodyGuardz

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