Merry Christmas? Happy Hanukkah? Happy Holidays?

Happy holidays


I recently listened to a segment on a talk show discussing the issue of using the term Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.  It seems every year at this time this topic becomes a focus of discussion. I hope the day doesn’t come that we are too afraid to express our beliefs or let others know what we believe in for fear we will offend someone.  We live in a country that is founded on religious freedom and the freedom to speak. These are great privileges.


I have never been offended by a person wishing me Happy Hanukkah or Canada Day or any other day that is celebrated.  In fact, it makes me happy to think that they would care enough to let me know what they hold dear and feel it important enough to involve me in their celebration.  So, when I watched the show I thought,  “Why are we so afraid to tell others our beliefs, or believe that we will offend others by doing so?”  Is there something offensive in professing that I am a Christian to another who is not?  December 25th is Christmas Day, the day many in the world have chosen to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  If a store choses to use the terms Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas, it does not offend me and cause me to take my business elsewhere. I know what I hold dear and appreciate their acknowledging the season. Let’s all celebrate the fact that we are all more kind during this season and that there is a reason for the holidays.


My wish is that we will all take the time to let our loved ones know how much they are appreciated and loved during this special time of year.  That we stop to notice the good that exists all around us and that we cherish our friends and family.  We have so much to be grateful for.


Merry Christmas.



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