Halloween is here again! If you can’t tell…I’m pretty excited!  Its funny, I still get excited today, as I did when I was kid but it’s a totally different kind of excitement now.  Gone are the … → October 20, 2014


It’s hard to believe the 6th ipad was just announced.  I remember when Steve Jobs took the stage back in 2010 to announce the very first ipad.  He said the “iPad is our most advanced technology in … → October 16, 2014


iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are here. You can now shop our full line of protection accessories, including our award-winning ScreenGuardz Pure® premium tempered glass screen protector. Be the first to have your new iPhone … → September 19, 2014


Both ScreenGuardz Pure and ScreenGuardz HD Impact are in the running for CTIA’s ‘Hot for the Holidays’ award and we’d love your vote. Click the links below to vote for us: • ScreenGuardz Pure® Anti-glare • … → September 2, 2014


On August 25th, we announced our acquisition of CruxCase LLC. For years, we have admired the Crux iPad keyboard cases. We were impressed to learn that the first Crux case was conceptualized only hours after the original … → August 25, 2014


Have you ever been tempted to wear your sunglasses just to look at your phone in the sun? There’s nothing like being blinded by glaring rays bouncing off the surface of a shiny phone and then … → August 8, 2014


What Is Sapphire? With all the rumors floating around about sapphire iPhone screens, it may raise some questions about what sapphire actually is. As the name suggests, it is a material similar to diamonds in strength. … → August 8, 2014


 Only a few years ago, it seemed that smaller was better for technology. Today, the trend in the cell phone world is pushing our once-tiny gadgets to barely fit in our pockets. Bigger screens with better … → August 7, 2014


Many techies have been predicting changes for the new screens on the iPhone 6. Will it have the same “scratch-resistant” screens of iPhones past, or will it make a leap to the seemingly impervious “sapphire” screen. … → August 7, 2014