Last month BodyGuardz had the exciting opportunity to exhibit at MacWorld in San Francisco. MacWorld is an annual trade show for Apple enthusiasts to learn about new products and topics related to Apple devices. What a … → April 17, 2014


So I clicked on link from a tweet by the Wall Street Journal saying that Amazon is going to announce a smartphone in June that will ship by the end of September. According to the WSJ … → April 15, 2014

Industry-leading ScreenGuardz Pure®, Ultratough®, HD™, Privacy, clear skins, carbon fiber skin and the Covert clear case are shipping now online for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Lehi, UT (April 11, 2014) – BodyGuardz, provider of leading device … → April 11, 2014


Imagine yourself in the near future, renting the newest blockbuster action flick. You download it from your favorite online rental source, and strap on your virtual reality headset to watch it. You are instantly immersed into … → April 11, 2014


I’ve had my 4th generation iPad since it was released in 2012. During that year and a half it has become deeply integrated into my daily life. I’ve used a lot of apps in that time, … → April 9, 2014


As an Industrial Designer, I am in the business of making things.  This is something that I am very passionate about.  It is amazing the things that we as a human race have been able to … → March 27, 2014


A coworker recently sent me this infographic: The message is so simple, yet couldn’t be more true.  As the famous quote goes, we are the masters of our own fate.  But, it is only human to … → March 21, 2014


Growing up I never really invested my money. I just had my debit account and that is where my money stayed. Looking back I wish I would have taken the chance to not only learn about … → March 17, 2014


In a recent survey conducted by “Nielsen“, there is a difference between what men and women want in a smartphone.  Price ranked the highest on the key factors between both sexes.  Although many factors are near … → March 12, 2014